In warmer weather, people spend more time outside, especially when you have comfortable and spacious outdoor areas. Look around at the outdoor areas of your home and use some of these ideas to upgrade your outdoor living spaces this summer.

Extend Your Deck to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Spaces

A great way to expand your home’s footprint and increase its value is to extend your deck. If you have a backyard deck that is too small to spend time on, build it out. You may consider partially screening it in so there are two sections. With a larger back deck, you’ll have room for the upgrades listed below.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Spaces with an Outdoor Kitchen

Most households have some kind of grill on the property, but you can upgrade your outdoor living spaces by creating a full outdoor kitchen. Install countertops with a sink and a minifridge below. You’ll love being able to prepare and cook a meal outside with a fridge full of cold drinks.

Add a Bar to Your Deck

Another great way to upgrade your outdoor living spaces is to build a bar on your deck. You can repurpose a desk or table for the bar itself or build one out of lumber. Add hinged doors on the front of a bookshelf for a liquor cabinet that can be closed when not in use. You’ll want to have space for a minifridge under the bar and possibly a chest freezer for storing ice.

Shade is Key in the Summer

Your outdoor living spaces will be more comfortable during the summer with some shaded areas. Shade can be in the form of an awning, shade sail, or even plants. A potted tree or trellis covered in vines will provide adequate shade to upgrade your living spaces.

Assess Your Outdoor Furniture

If your outdoor furniture is uncomfortable, old, rusty, or is covered in mildew, it is time to upgrade with new furniture. Find comfortable furniture that has waterproof cushions. It is a good idea to store the cushions away when they are not in use to keep them in good condition.

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