With warmer weather, you may be inspired to get outside and work on some projects around the house. This summertime home maintenance list offers a few chores to get started on this season.

Summertime Home Maintenance: Clean the Gutters

Clogged gutters trap leaves, twigs, and other debris. Animals may build nests there and when water collects in the gutters, mosquitoes breed in them. Clogged gutters are unable to properly direct water away from your home’s siding and foundation.

To clean your gutters, you’ll need a sturdy ladder, gloves, a garden hose, and a friend or family member for safety. Use a small shovel or your hands to remove debris. Flush the guttering with the hose to check that the water can flow freely through the channels and out the downspouts. Inspect the guttering system to make sure all parts are securely attached to the house.

Mulch Flower Beds

Mulch is attractive and functional. Spread mulch in flower beds and around young trees. For most plants and trees, add mulch to a depth of about three inches. You’ll slow the growth of weeds and help the gardening beds retain moisture over the hot summer months.

Summertime Home Maintenance Includes Outdoor Living Spaces

Examine your deck for warped boards or loose fasteners. Replace any damaged or rotting wood. Sand the surface and re-seal the deck.

Hose off the front porch and paint or re-stain any patio furniture that needs attention. Add a new doormat to trap dirt and debris before it gets tracked into your home. Pressure wash the front walkway and steps to tidy up and improve curb appeal.

Wash the Windows

Summertime is a great time to clean your home’s windows. The weather is nice and dust-free windows allow more sunlight in. Spend the day cleaning the inside and outside of your windows or hire a professional service to tackle the job.

If you’re not certain where to begin, Certinspectors offers home maintenance inspections to the Hudson Valley in New York. We can let you know which issues with your home are important to address. Contact us to request an appointment.