Fall may not seem like the best time to think about caring for your lawn, considering winter is coming. However, it is important to carry out lawn maintenance during fall in preparation for winter and spring. The more moderate cool weather helps nurture the grassroots as they recover from the heat of summer. Fall lawn maintenance is vital if you wish to have a lush green lawn during the spring. The following are some of the priorities for fall lawn maintenance:

Remove Fallen Leaves for Fall Home Maintenance

Leaves that have fallen off trees can harm your lawn. The fallen leaves block sunlight and trap moisture that can cause fungus to spread. Plants and grass need sunlight to make food, a process referred to as photosynthesis.

Mulching with a mower is an excellent way of putting the fallen leaves to good use. The organic matter provides nutrients to the soil. You can also use a rake or a blower to collect and compost the fallen leaves to use in your garden. Continue cutting the grass at standard height until it stops growing later in the season.

Water the Lawn

Fall lawn maintenance also includes irrigating or watering the lawn since the grass still needs moisture despite the cooler climate and less evaporation. Irrigation helps the roots of the grass to stay well hydrated ahead of the winter season. Irrigation should be done mainly in the morning. Aim for 1” of water per week, including rainfall.

Aerate Your Soil for Fall Lawn Maintenance

Aeration allows the soil to breathe and for nutrients to reach the grassroots, a task that is more challenging during summer due to the compacted soil and heat stress. Aeration involves loosening the soil by removing plugs of soil and breaking up thatch, making the soil healthier for winter. Proper drainage and nutrient absorption are also made possible when you aerate during fall lawn maintenance.

Reseed Bare Spots

Summertime is hard on your lawn and grass may die in places if your region gets extremely dry. Areas with lawn furniture also affect grass growth. Remove any furniture from your yard so you can repair and reseed bare areas. Seeding with suitable grasses will help ensure that your yard will be lush and green in the spring. This is also an excellent time to carry out weed control.

Apply Fertilizers

Use fertilizers during fall lawn maintenance because the weather allows for plenty of nutrients to enrich the soil. Your grass will be stronger through the winter and will flourish come spring and summer. Apply fertilizer just after aeration to ensure nutrients reach deep into the soil.

Other important aspects of fall lawn maintenance include topdressing to improve soil quality and following a regular maintenance schedule. Activities like seeding and applying fertilizer should not be carried out too close to winter to allow the intake of nutrients. Aeration during early fall is also not advisable.

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