Fall Home Improvement Projects That Make a Difference

Fall is the perfect time to complete home improvement projects. You’ll be rewarded with a more comfortable home for cold weather and a lower energy bill. Here are 5 fall home improvement projects recommended to complete this season.

1. Replace Drafty Windows

If you noticed a chill coming from any of your windows last winter, they are likely single-pane. Upgrading your windows is a smart fall home improvement project. Double pane windows will cut down on drafts. You’ll have a warmer home and reduce energy costs. Even better, choose windows sealed with argon or krypton. Both multiple panes or windows with filler gas reduce condensation and frost on your windows.

2. Check the Roof and Gutter System

Your roof and gutter system work together to protect your home from water. Clear leaves and other debris as one of your fall home improvement projects. Backed-up water can freeze in gutters during winter, leading to damage. Install mesh gutter guards this fall to keep leaves out. Check your roof for damage or hire a professional to. Even a few missing shingles can cause roof leaks.

3. Fall Home Improvement Projects Include Upgrading Your Insulation

Inadequate insulation will make your home uncomfortable in cold weather. You’ll increase energy costs by turning up the thermostat. Hire a home energy auditor to inspect your home during fall. The inspector will use thermal imaging to gauge the effectiveness of your insulation. Adding insulation to an attic may be a DIY job for an experienced homeowner, performed with care and protective gear. Supplementing or replacing wall insulation should be done by a professional.

4. Improve Your Home’s Heating System

No matter what type of heating system you have in your home, fall is the time to get it in optimal condition. This means having it inspected and serviced by a trained professional, or even replacing the furnace if necessary. A programmable thermostat will help you save on energy costs while you’re away from home or sleeping. If you use a fireplace for supplemental heat, have it inspected and cleaned. Remove creosote build-up to reduce the risk of dangerous chimney fires.

5. Repaint the Exterior

Fall days can be warm enough to use exterior paints and stains for your siding, trim, and deck. Protect exterior surfaces before winter by painting or sealing them during fall. Complete this chore before the temperature begins to dip below 50 degrees.

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