Owning a home is a big responsibility. Not only do you have to keep up with the monthly mortgage payments, but you’re also responsible for maintaining the property and keeping it in good condition. You’ll need the right tools to perform routine maintenance and repairs and be ready to tackle larger projects from time to time. Here are seven essential tools every homeowner needs in their toolbox.

1. A Hammer

You’ll need a hammer for all sorts of tasks around the house, from hanging pictures and shelving to driving nails into wood to build a fence or deck. Look for a hammer with a comfortable grip and a smooth, rounded head so it won’t damage your working surfaces.

2. Screwdrivers are Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Screwdrivers are another versatile tool that every homeowner needs. Of course, you’ll use them to tighten loose screws, but you will also use a screwdriver to pry open paint cans, install shelving, open battery compartments, and a host of other tasks. Invest in a good set with Phillips head and flathead screwdrivers in various sizes.

3. Pliers

Pliers are necessary for gripping and twisting objects too small or delicate to manage with your bare hands. You might also use them for cutting wire, bending metal, and removing nails. Choose pliers that are comfortable to grip, and you might consider purchasing a set with several types for various jobs.

4. A Level

A level is an essential tool for any project requiring a straight and level component. Whether hanging art or photographs on the wall, building a desk, or installing shelves, a level will come in handy. Purchase a small bubble level that can fit easily into your toolbox or pocket, perfect for small jobs around the house.

5. Tools Every Homeowner Needs: Tape Measure

You’ll need a tape measure anytime you’re working on a project that involves cutting wood or measuring spaces. It’s also handy for measuring fabric when sewing curtains or slipcovers. Look for a tape measure at least 25 feet long so you can take household measurements easily. When purchasing new flooring, shopping for a new couch, or determining if a new refrigerator will fit your space, a tape measure is a useful tool.

6. Utility Knife

A utility knife is helpful for opening packages, trimming carpeting, and stripping paint off windows (just be sure to use fresh blades often to avoid nicks and cuts). You can find utility knives with retractable blades that are safe to store in your toolbox or use a more traditional fixed-blade option.

7. Tools Every Homeowner Needs: Hand Saw

You may not need to do much woodworking around the house, but there will undoubtedly be times when you need to cut a piece of wood down to size. That’s where a saw comes in handy. A hand saw will suffice for most small household projects; however, if you anticipate doing a lot of woodworking, consider investing in an electric saw instead.

These are just a few essential tools every homeowner should have to maintain their property and handle routine repairs and projects. Of course, every home is different, and you may find that you need other specialized tools depending on the type of home you own and the kinds of projects you enjoy (e.g., if you’re an avid gardener). But this list offers a good starting point as you stock your home toolkit with everything you need to keep your house in great shape.

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