The septic tank is the primary sewage treatment option in areas where a city’s sewer system does not reach. The septic system’s primary job is to break down sewage. For the system to function correctly, it needs periodic cleaning and proper maintenance. Being proactive with the care of your septic system helps prevent major problems. To extend the life of your system and protect the environment, here are some tips on septic tank maintenance.

For Septic Maintenance Drain the Tank

A septic tank that is used year-round should be emptied at least once every two years. Draining the tank helps to ensure the septic field does not become clogged. In addition, frequent emptying extends the life of the tank. When having the tank pumped, request an inspection to verify the system is functioning correctly.

Don’t Use Your Septic System for Garbage

To care for the septic system, don’t flush garbage. Instruct your family members to keep trash out of the drains. Do not flush paper towels, napkins, food products, cigarette butts, coffee grounds, and other items through the plumbing. These materials do not decompose quickly and can fill the tank or clog the system.

Choose a Toilet Paper Specifically for Septic Tanks

Not all toilet papers are suitable for septic tanks. Some are too slow to decompose. Read the package to make sure the toilet paper is safe for septic systems. If you’re unsure, take a sheet from the roll, insert it into a container filled with water, and shake it. If it disintegrates easily, then this paper is fine for use with a septic system.

Don’t Overload the Tank

To properly maintain your septic tank, regularly check for plumbing leaks. A dripping sink or a leaking toilet increases a household’s water consumption. This excess water flows into your septic system. To reduce your water usage, install aerators on your faucets and opt for a low-flow toilet.

Chemicals Interfere with Septic Tank Maintenance

The septic tank is an environment where bacteria break down solid waste. Household cleaning products can affect the bacteriological balance in the system. Use natural cleaners whenever possible. Don’t pour varnishes, paint thinners, and other chemicals down the drains as they can also damage the system.

To care for your septic system, have the tank drained periodically, don’t clog the septic lines, and make repairs as soon as possible in case of plumbing leaks.

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