Halloween decor sets a festive mood for your home, but the process of decorating can be dangerous. Each year, people experience accidents and house fires when decorating for holidays. It’s important to know the basics of safe Halloween decorating.

Safe Halloween Decorating Means Avoiding Fire

The flickering flame of a candle inside a hand-carved pumpkin is festive, but the danger of fire is a concern. An open flame can be a hazard in fall because of materials like blowing leaves or decorative cornstalks. Dried foliage and fallen leaves can catch fire quickly. A better option for safe Halloween decorating is battery-powered electric candles. They’re inexpensive, compact, and safe to use.

Climb Carefully for Safe Halloween Decorating

You may not have room for all of your Halloween decorations on the front porch. Decorated rooftops, pathways, trees, and windows add to your home’s festive feel. This can mean using a ladder to decorate. Ladders can cause household accidents and lead to dangerous mistakes. Safe Halloween decorating on a ladder should always be done with a helper. Many window decor items can be hung from the inside without a ladder. You could also throw a string over a limb and hoist tree decorations into place while staying on the ground.

Be Smart With Extension Cords

Many Halloween decorations are powered by electricity. Just as we need to be careful with extension cords indoors, the same goes for outdoor extension cords. Only use cords that are designed for outdoor use. Make sure all connections are firmly together and that they aren’t in a location where water collects. Keep extension cords out of walking areas to prevent tripping hazards for trick-or-treaters.

Use Timers

Inflatable decorations are fun, but they shouldn’t be left on 24/7. The fans and bulbs that keep them going can overheat. Set a timer that shuts them down for the night.  Turn them off when you are sleeping or not home for safe Halloween decorating.

Keep Paths Clear

Don’t block pathways. This is important whether you’re planning for trick-or-treaters or your own family coming and going. The pumpkins, straw bales, scarecrows, and inflatables shouldn’t obstruct doorways or walkways. Remove any fallen leaves that accumulate on sidewalks and driveways.

Fall is a great time for making your house look spooky. These tips will help prevent accidents when preparing for Halloween.

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