Rising gas prices are affecting everything from summer road trip plans to what goes in the shopping cart at the grocery store. Even those working from home or driving electric or hybrid cars will still pay a premium for many products and services impacted by the increased costs. How can you expect your budget to change? Here are a few ways gas prices affect homeowners.

Rising Gas Prices Affect Back-Up Generators

Those who live in areas that experience frequent storms often use gas to power the backup generators when the power goes out. As long as gas prices continue to rise, it will cost more to keep the lights on during a hurricane or severe storm. The average generator uses approximately 18 gallons of gas daily, and you will be paying more to refill your on-site gas storage.

Mowing the Lawn

Many homeowners use weed trimmers, gas-powered mowers, and leaf blowers to maintain their yard. With the warmer summer weather, grass grows quickly, and gasoline usage increases. If you hire a landscaping company to take care of the lawn, higher gas prices will also impact you. Lawn companies raise prices because their costs – driving to homes and operating machinery – increase.

Grocery Bills Increase Due to Rising Gas Prices

Everything your local grocery store keeps in stock must be transported there, and most transportation methods involve gas. Rising gas costs have forced manufacturers and grocery stores to increase prices to offset the difference. While some items only increase a few cents, that adds up at the cash register. Cleaning products and personal care items are also becoming more expensive.

Home Repairs

Any company that travels to your house is finding it’s more expensive to do business because of rising gas prices. Increases impact each business differently. Some are charging for estimates that used to be complimentary, while others have upped the cost of repairs. If you have plumbing or electrical maintenance performed, expect to pay more to cover the plumber’s or electrician’s travel expenses.

Plastic and Petroleum-Based Products

Petroleum is in the gas that fuels our cars. It’s also present in dozens of products we use every day. Plastic contains petroleum, so disposable plastic containers, clothing made of synthetic fibers, insulation, toys, and other items. The cost of these products will go up due to the higher price of oil.

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