When your home is under contract, the buyers will likely be conducting a home inspection in the near future. A successful home inspection makes it less likely the buyers will withdraw from the contract and will help close the deal more quickly. Here are five ways to prepare for a home inspection.

Allow Access to All Areas of Your Home

During the home inspection, the home inspector will need to have complete access to your home. As you prepare for a home inspection, make sure that none of your belongings are in the way.

Provide access to the attic and basement, move boxes and other belongings away from your utilities, make sure windows and doors are clear, and move anything else that could be blocking other components and features.

Prepare for a Home Inspection by Taking Care of Minor Repairs

When a potential buyer receives a long list of minor repairs, it may give them reservations about the home. Rather than risking the home inspector detailing a long list of simple things that need to be fixed, address these issues on your own before the inspection.

For example, recaulk around sinks and bathtubs, repair or replace damaged pieces of your roof, change out dead light bulbs, and make sure the weatherstripping around your doors is installed correctly and in good shape.

Check for Safety Concerns

One thing you should be sure to do as you prepare for a home inspection is to make sure safety issues are addressed. If an inspector finds safety concerns and shares them with your buyer, it may cause worry.

Some simple things you can check for include making sure smoke detectors work, confirming you have a carbon monoxide detector, placing fire extinguishers in the kitchen, laundry room, and garage, and checking that gas lines have been capped. If there are any issues with pests or mold, you will also want to take care of those ahead of time.

Spend Some Time on the Exterior of Your Home

A home inspector inspects the exterior of the home just as thoroughly as the interior. As you prepare for a home inspection, spend some time outside clearing out your gutters, cleaning the AC unit, trimming back trees or bushes, and checking the siding of your home.

Prepare for a Home Inspection with Last-Minute Tasks

On the day of the home inspection, there will be a few things to do at the last minute. Set out the remotes for the garage door, ceiling fans, lights, or other devices for the inspector to use.

Make sure that all your utilities are turned on, that your washer, dryer, and dishwasher are empty, and that your pilot lights are turned on. Clean your home well and leave before the inspection is scheduled to take place. Take any pets with you so the house is completely empty and accessible.

When you take the proper steps to prepare for a home inspection, the process is more likely to go smoothly and lead to a quicker closing.

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