Home sellers can choose to order a home inspection before placing a residential property on the market and gain some important advantages. In this article, we explore the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

The reasons to order a pre-listing home inspection vary depending upon the homeowner’s circumstances. In general, most sellers see these benefits from having an inspection completed before listing the home.

1. Get an Accurate Assessment of Property Condition

A pre-listing home inspection helps the property owner and real estate agent determine the condition of the property, which is important to both the listing firm and prospective buyers. The seller can share the inspection report with a listing agent to help set an optimal price range.

2. Determine Whether the Property Requires Repairs

A seller will benefit when they order a pre-listing inspection because they can draw up a list of repairs before listing the home. In order to get the best return on their investment, sellers often choose to make any repairs that may be red flags for potential buyers.

3. Know The Results of a Pre-Listing Inspection Before Entering Into a Contract

Property buyers usually order their own home inspection before closing on a real estate deal. The inspection may reveal issues which could potentially delay or disrupt a closing.

By requesting a pre-listing inspection before placing the home on the market, a homeowner enjoys greater peace of mind entering into a sales contract. Home sellers often realize that the benefits of ordering a pre-listing inspection outweigh the cost because it can prevent delays and canceled contracts.

Using a Pre-Listing Home Inspection to Decide Whether to Sell the Home

In many cases, home sellers order an inspection when deciding whether to put the house on the market. This strategy offers a new perspective on if selling the home is in their best interest. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to hold on to the investment and rent the home or postpone selling until needed repairs are made.

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