With more people working at home, keeping a neat and clean office is important for productivity and peace of mind. Balancing chores with office hours can be a challenge. To avoid spending more time than necessary in the office, here are some tips to help you organize your home office.

Use Labels to Organize Your Home Office

No matter if you use drawers, bins, or shoeboxes to store office supplies, make sure you label the container. Labels, or clear boxes, make finding things in the office a breeze. You won’t waste time searching for the box of pens or a new pad of sticky-notes if everything is clearly labeled.

Get Rid of Paper

An office is a place where piles of paper will quickly build up. Stacks of forms to be filled out, post-it notes, mail that hasn’t been sorted, and hand-written to-do lists take up valuable workspace. Make a point to get the paper clutter under control. Set aside a time each week to put away documents that need to be filed. If the task on the post-it note has been accomplished, throw it away. Sort mail, immediately throwing away anything that isn’t important. If you deal with confidential documents, invest in a paper shredder. You can reclaim much of your office space simply by getting rid of paper.

Set Up a Print Station

If you use a printer, create a station to house the machine and printing supplies. Use a table or small bookshelf to store the printer, copy paper, and any extra ink or toner. When all your supplies are easy to access, using the printer won’t feel like a task.

Organize Your Home Office With Shelving

Shelves can serve many different functions in your home office. You can keep the printer on a bookshelf near your desk. Keep books and reference materials within easy reach on shelves. Shelves are a great place to keep family photos, vacation souvenirs, and your child’s framed art. You can enjoy those things in your office without them taking up valuable desk space.

Clear Off the Desk

The desk should only contain items that you actually need to get the job done; everything else is just cluttering the work area. Your desk might have a computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Do you need pencils and pens within reach? Only keep a stapler there if you use it frequently, otherwise, it can be moved to the print station. If they’re helpful, purchase a few stacking paper trays to keep documents nearby. Take time frequently to declutter your desk. You’ll be more productive when you have a tidy workspace.

Use a Wall Calendar

Technology and your mobile device can provide reminders of upcoming meetings and events, however, it’s quick and easy to check a calendar beside your desk for appointments. Having a wall calendar in your office allows you and your family members to keep up with a changing schedule. You won’t have to worry about missing a phone notification when you can see the day’s meetings at a glance.

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