During the colder months, people spend time indoors where it’s warm. Running space heaters or using the HVAC both use a significant amount of energy and increase your power bill in the winter. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your utility bill, there are ways to heat your home efficiently.

Heat the House Efficiently by Adjusting the Thermostat

You can more efficiently heat your home by adjusting the thermostat so that it isn’t using more energy than it needs to. The Department of Energy recommends setting it at 68 degrees when you’re awake and at home. When sleeping or away from home, the thermostat can be set even lower. A smart thermostat allows you to control the thermostat remotely and will even lower the temperature when it sn that nobody is home.

Seal Air Leaks

Air leaks around the house allow cold air to enter the building and warm air to escape. This forces the heating system to work harder than necessary to maintain the temperature in the building. Heat the house efficiently by sealing the leaks with caulk. The weatherstripping on the doors and windows should also be replaced if it is loose or cracking.

Leaks can be found by shining a flashlight around window and door frames at night and having someone stand outside to see if the light comes through. Use tape to mark any areas where the light is visible and seal cracks or holes that have formed. Alternatively, you can move a lit candle around doors and windows and look for airflow to affect the flame.

Use the Fireplace

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you can keep your home warm and cozy by building fires in the evening when the temperatures drop. You don’t need to turn the heating system completely off, but it won’t have to work as hard with the fireplace supplementing the heat.

Cover the Windows to Heat Your Home Efficiently

Heat your home more efficiently by covering the windows to block cold air that may transfer into the building. Install blackout curtains, which are heavy and help insulate the interior. Leave curtains open during the day to allow the sunlight in, which will heat the home. For a whole-home upgrade, install new, energy-efficient windows.

With the right steps to heat your home efficiently, you will save money without having to compromise your comfort at home.

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