When you build or remodel a home, there are many ideas worth including in your plans. Whether you are flipping a house or personalizing it for yourself, there are features to add as you construct the perfect home. Here is a list of options for you to customize your new home.

Customize Your New Home with Built-In Shelving

Designing shelving into your new home is more convenient than adding shelves after construction. Custom shelves make an attractive and functional focal point to a room. A shelving unit in the living room can store books, framed photos, and art.

Add a Central Vacuuming System

Lugging a corded vacuum throughout the home gets tiresome. A central vacuum system can be installed that collects dust, debris, and dirt in one location (usually the basement). When you are ready to use the system, plug a hose into ports installed conveniently throughout the house.

Central vacuum systems are a good choice because they circulate less dust than ordinary vacuums. This is a bonus if you have allergies.

Expand Your Garage Space

When adding a garage, two or three additional feet in any direction make a difference. This is especially true if you use your garage for more than parking your car. A garage is often a place to keep yard tools, sporting equipment, and out-of-season decor. You’ll need space for your belongings and adding more square feet to your garage will give you room for well-organized storage.

Add Extra Outlets to Customize Your New Home

Ask your builder to install extra outlets, not only in the house but also in the garage. It is more affordable to install the outlets when you’re building or remodeling the home than it is to hire an electrician to add them later. Install outlets in places where you might charge cell phones and devices like tablets and laptops, and extra outlets in the kitchen and in places for holiday lights and seasonal decor.

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