It’s that time of year. The weather is warming and you’re feeling inspired to get to work on your annual spring cleaning. Even if you have a well-established cleaning routine, there are places you may overlook. So you won’t neglect them, here is a list of often forgotten areas to spring clean.

Throw Pillows

The pillows on the couch gather dust, pet dander, and dust mites. Use your vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment to clean them off. If the pillows have removable covers, launder them according to the manufacturer’s directions. You’ll brighten up your decor and improve indoor air quality.

Your Coffee Maker

If yours is like most households, you don’t clean your coffee maker often enough. This essential machine can breed bacteria and foster mold growth. Clean your coffee maker with vinegar and water. You can run any removable parts through the dishwasher. Your next pot of coffee from a freshly cleaned machine will taste better for your efforts.

Areas to Spring Clean Include Door Knobs and Light Switches

It’s easy to overlook doorknobs, cabinet handles, and light switches, but it’s so important to clean them. With everyone touching them, knobs and switches get dirty quickly. While tackling spring cleaning projects, use an all-purpose cleaner or plain vinegar to wipe down handles, doorknobs, drawer pulls, and switches throughout the house.

Shower Curtains

Because your shower curtain is in a damp environment, it can easily develop mold. Fortunately, shower curtains are simple to clean in the washing machine. Toss it in with a few towels and add vinegar to the load to help remove any odors from the laundry. Hang your shower curtain to dry before reinstalling it in the bathroom.

Air Vents are Important Areas to Spring Clean

As the air circulates through your HVAC system, it carries with it pollutants like mold, dust, and dander. These build-up on and inside the vents throughout your house. Wipe down the outside of each air vent. If your vents have removable covers, use your vacuum with an attachment to clear out dust and debris inside the vent.

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