It’s nice to be able to enjoy your outdoor living spaces, even when the weather is cold. There are methods to warm up your deck, porch, or patio that can increase your time spent outside in winter. Which of these methods will work best to warm up your outdoor living space?

Add a Fire Pit

Sitting around a fire pit is a great way to stay warm outdoors on a cold evening. Install an in-ground fire pit that is 10 feet away from all structures and trees, or purchase a portable above-ground model. A fire pit shouldn’t be used on a deck or porch that has a roof overhead. However, they are perfect for warming up patios, courtyards, open-air decks, and garden spaces. You’ll need a steady supply of firewood, which can get expensive unless you have had a tree taken down and are willing to chop it yourself. Also, fire pits are not safe to use in every outdoor living space, so use common sense.

Warm Up Your Outdoor Living Space With Propane Heaters

There are several different types and sizes of propane heaters. Many commercial businesses with outdoor seating areas use these types of heaters because they are safe, easy-to-use, and low maintenance. They are also very effective at warming up an outdoor living space. You can find the classic floor-standing model, a pyramid-style with dancing flames, a propane fire pit, and many more options online or at a hardware store. Propane is generally more affordable than commercially-purchased seasoned firewood, but the costs still add up.

Electric Heaters

If you have an outlet near your outdoor living area, an electric heater may be the best option. Install a wall-mounted infrared heater to a covered deck or opt for a standalone model that you can move from place to place. These heaters are safe when used properly and you won’t have to buy expensive fuel for them.

Set Up Barriers to Warm Up Your Outdoor Living Space

On a cold and windy night, simply blocking the wind makes a difference in how chilly it feels. Build a barrier that can also double as a privacy fence or wall. If your outdoor living space has a roof, you could install heavy plastic drapes that will keep the cold chill out and the warmth from a heater inside.

Cook Outdoors

Any type of grill generates heat, so you can warm up your outdoor living spaces by cooking outdoors. Follow grilling safety protocol, and only cook in areas where it is appropriate to do so. If you are having an outdoor gathering on a chilly night, fire up the grill to add warmth and make a tasty dinner.

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